McDvoice – McDonalds Survey – Win Free Meals

McDvoice – The company’s name is Mcdonalds. Customer satisfaction surveys at McDonald’s might result in gift incentives like a free food or discount on your next visit to the restaurant for those who complete the survey.

The McDVoice program is a unique one, and everyone who like all things McDonald’s should be aware of it. McDonald’s has a unique program called McDVoice that pays customers for submitting comments on Feedback from customers will earn them the chance to win enticing prizes.


McDvoice – McDonalds Survey at

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Feedback Program may be accessed at Using an online poll, the company wants to help it improve both its products and the overall customer experience. All McDonald’s customers may participate in the customer feedback survey and have a chance to earn special benefits like free burgers and rebates.

How to Take a McDonald’s Survey?

  • Obtain a receipt from a McDonald’s outlet near you, then write down the 26-digit survey code on the back of it. Online survey participation does not need a minimum purchase. is where you may find out more about the survey’s official website.
  • Choosing a language mode before you begin completing the survey is essential. It’s up to you whether you like to communicate in English or Spanish.
  • In the box at the very top, enter the exact 26-digit survey code that appears on your receipt. Please double-check that you’ve entered the proper code. If you enter a valid code, you’ll be able to go to the next round.
  • Select a new method if your code is incorrect or you don’t have it on hand by clicking the link at the bottom of your screen.
  • A new page will appear asking for the following information: the store number, KS number, date and time of the visit, order number, and total amount spent.Clicking on this link will transport you to that page. The information required here should be included on your receipt.
  • Complete the customer survey after completing the form. Order type from your previous transaction must be responded to.
  • You’ll be asked to rate many categories, all with the same rating choice. Customer service is something you should grade based on your most recent experience. This box must be checked as well to show what you’ve previously purchased.
  • After that, you’ll be asked whether you had any difficulties throughout your stay. If you answered yes to any of these questions, please explain the problem and whether or not it was remedied.
  • Your likelihood of returning to the store or recommending it to others is assessed in the last set of questions. Once you’ve completed the survey, look for a confirmation number on the screen.
  • You must use this code at the same shop where you previously made a purchase in order to earn your reward. Thank you. It expires seven days after the survey is finished.

McDonald’s Survey Rules & Requirements

  • Participants may take the McDVoice survey five times each month, using five different survey codes.
  • You should get an order with an offer to participate in a survey within seven days of making your previous transaction.
Survey NameMcdonald's
RequirementReceipt Number
Validity7 Days
Prize DetailsCashback, Burgers etc
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

McDonald’s Survey Rewards and Advantages

A free hamburger, muffin, special meal, or other product may be awarded to participants, or a special incentive such as a discount or free order can be awarded to participants on their next visit to the restaurant.

About McDonald’s

When it comes to the fast-food market, McDonald’s has reigned for decades. Ronald McDonald is a household name because to its recognizable burgers, fries, and mascot that appeal to people of all ages. The company’s increasing dominion has resulted in a unique cuisine that appeals to people from all over the globe. Keeping up its high standards of service is important to McDonald’s in order to maintain its position as a top supplier of meals to customers.


The McDVoice online survey just takes a few minutes to complete. As a result of your frank feedback, McDonald’s will be able to provide even better food and drinks, better service with friendlier, more helpful staff, and cleaner premises. Your experience at any of the chain’s restaurants, as well as any online or drive-through orders, will be positive as a result of this policy in place for your protection.